Time for some refreshers!

Like the first conversation between Mirth and her dad that we were privy to.

Then the second one as well which also contains the first mention of a Dark One.

Also, this location looks vaguely familiar

Now , some general news regarding upcoming events:

Everyone who’s been with us for a while now knows that October is always a… questionable month where the Voodoo Walrus update schedule is skewed due to how we spend a solid half of the entire month doing our best to creep people out while working at a local haunted hayride.

This year’s no different and opening day is coming up quick. We haven’t fully decided on what we’ll be doing update wise, but it’s safe to assume that we’ll be doing some kind of scale back so that we won’t burn out and so that Grymm will be able to keep working solidly on commissions.

For now, we can at least promise that regular, full size updates will continue ONCE a week throughout October and maybe a little ways into November depending on how dead we are post-Halloween. Discussion is still out on whether we want to use the other update slot to post simple filler bits or not. But we’ll get it figured out.