Musings of a CreepKnight

The days here in Virginia grow short and cold, killing anything in me that vaguely resembles holiday spirit. I don’t like snow anymore. In days long past, it was an event looked forward to, where we, a motley group of young men, would gather in a single, 4 wheel drive vehicle and hold up in Vensik’s basement to play video games until the wee hours of the morning while late nineties alternative rock blended with static on a radio somewhere off in the corner of the room.

We would blow each other up with tanks or shoot each other in the head with Scaramanga’s golden gun, all while laughing and experimenting with new and often incorrect ways to use obscenities. When it was all done we would sleep, only to wake up the next morning to eagerly await the weatherman’s announcement that there would be no school that day and do it all over again. Once, we carried this trend on for four days straight until we were so sick of looking at each other that Grymm and I didn’t speak for nearly a week. It was truly a glorious and frivolous time; a time which, if I may, the adventures that would give birth to Voodoo Walrus were begun in naivety and earnest.

But enough of that gooey shit.

Now the snow is nothing but a hindrance to my daily activities, keeping me locked inside when I should be out there amongst the masses, spreading the gospel of the Walrus like a plague upon the masses. And alas, in my time of weather imposed exile I find myself doing the one thing that makes me happy when I am not with those I love; writing music. It’s what I do when I’m not writing comics. In my life I have dabbled in many forms of composition but still find that the two manners with which I primarily express myself- script writing and lyrical prose- are the two that bring me the most joy. To that effort, I have begun work on a Voodoo Walrus soundtrack. Composed of original songs spanning a variety of genres, it will be as grand and glorious as anything I have ever done… provided it gets finished before the A.D.D. sets in and I move on to another project.

But to that end, I request the aid and assistance of you, our faithful readers and preachers of the Glorious Gospel of the Walrus. In order to create a great soundtrack, one must first get a genuine sense of its audience’s sensibilities. After all, I could be content to the Voodoo Walrus soundtrack as a country album (I’m not, but I could be). Therefore, I challenge you the reader to come up with a list of songs by other artists that not only bring to mind the comic itself, but specific things within the comic as well. For example, during “A Clockwork Dragqueen,” I often found myself listening to Abney Park, Wolfsheim, She Wants Revenge, Bauhaus, and Placebo while writing, because that’s the music they would play in Cafe Tesla. Whenever I hear “Fuck You” by Cee-Lo Green I think of Bowler, because she would love that song for the dance beat.  Things like that.

The Top Twelve tracks will be voted upon by Grymm and I and used to create an unofficial Voodoo Walrus soundtrack which we will announce at the end of the year, which I will then use as inspiration in creating an official Voodoo Walrus soundtrack which I will release track by track as it is recorded.

And hopefully this will get me out of the funk in which I currently reside.

This… should be interesting.