Grymm Ramblings:

Okay, a few reminders might be appreciated here. It has been a while after all.

Crack and Mumbles were last seen making it a point to not help Cyradwee during the attack on the Infernum Home Office.

Though they were seen in the flashback of CreepKnight’s banishment to the U.S.

And the bag and cow comment stem from waaaaaaaayyyy back in the black and white era when Bowler proved she is not licensed to practice anything even resembling medicine.

In things to come news, we’re going to start looking into setting up a Patreon for the Walrus. We’re kicking around a few ideas like X amount a month gets you a different print every month, or x amount let’s you see comics a few weeks early. Stuff like that. Think about what you might like to see, let us know, and we’ll ponder on it.