Grymm Ramblings

And then they laid eggs in Rip’s belly. Millions of eggs. Maybe. Possibly. Who cares? It’s Rip. He’s been having one massively long shit day since he was 9 years old.

Hey folks!  Do you like Bowler and Mirth and Marron and the rest of the core Walrus cast? Do you also enjoy them in fun costumes and wreaking havoc and mayhem?


If the answer was a resounding “POSSIBLY IT DEPENDS ON SPECIFIC DETAILS”, then you’re going to want to check back here next week (or maybe the week after, you know our schedule’s wonky this year) for the next section of the “Kill Your Heroes” storyarc!

In the meantime, there’s some new t-shirt designs getting ready to come down the blood caked pipes of the giant meat organ that we design t-shirt designs on. We just need to give it a few more good, healthy pokes and jabs and this should start dislodging. More on that as it develops.