So you’re looking for more information. That’s… commendable.

Just what is Voodoo Walrus?

In this case, its a webcomic focusing on the writer and artist duo of Villemous Q. CreepKnight and Grymm Grymmowski and their surreal lives as they do what’s necessary to make comics, try not to get tossed out of their home city of Richmond, Virginia, and attempt to entertain those who need joy and destroy those who deserve destruction.

All there in the manual.

Their former publisher Miriam Cyradwee wants them dead. Their former assistant Mac Little wants them dead too. But only after she forces them to watch as she plays around with their blood and organs. Their former neighbor “Doc” hunts CreepKnight out of lust and obsession. It’s  possible that they’ve been banned from at least 20 of the continental states of America. Also it’s well known that they’ve done terrible things in the state of East Dakota and that they’re in some way responsible for the devastation of Wichita.

Occasionally it gets weird. Like, really weird.

Strange and horrible things seem to follow the duo. Explosions comprised of cats. Huge, monstrous muscle-y men. Strange, possibly interdimensional creatures. Even hobos. They themselves keep a floating pygmy cow as… for lack of a better term… a pet. It speaks a strange dialect of French that never quite translates properly or well. They also have a house badger. But it seems to be dabbling in super science these days. Said badger also has long standing rivalries with both Doc and the cow.

The word “Frankensteining” comes to mind.

Voodoo Walrus is what happens when you take a slice of life webcomic and then start mixing in all kinds of gooey succulent morsels like Lovecraftian influences, 20 year old pop culture references, magic that may or may not be magic, steampunk/cyberpunk/industrial/bondage/goth/alternative/raver/Victorian aesthetics, the occult, and a good helping of what-the-fuckery. That? That’s a large, beefy Canadian muscle man dressed as Dr. Frankenfurter singing “Sweet Transvestite” to a bunch of clubbers dressed in cyberpunk and steampunk-ish clothes in a club loosely based on Tesla. We did that. It was amazing. There were cats too.

Experience the full story for yourself . We suggest starting with the PREAMBLE. Get to know the characters and the world and the often times unexplainable oddities therein.

Alternatively,  jump ahead to what we consider to be the point where Voodoo Walrus went from being pretty good to entirely TOO awesome. For now we’re calling it BOOK ONE.

We love you all.