This comment recently appeared in response to me uploading the latest Voodoo Walrus page to one of my gallery sites:

(Don’t try clicking the links or sending this weirdo any emails. We don’t know where they’ve been. They could give you the gonnorrsyphilherpeAIDS)

My name is Miss favour am 24yr old . I saw your profile today At ( and it really attract me a lot i believe that you are the man i have been looking for to share my love; How is your health? i hope all is well with you. I believe that we can move from here ; but remember that distance;age and color dose not matter what matters is the true love and understanding; in my next e-mail i shall include my picture; i been waiting for your reply mail me with this mail address ( for further introduction.
Bye hoping to hear from you soon.

p Ls contact me with this mail (

The following was my response:

Yes, yes hello. I’m a 2′ 4″ Mexican/Welsh/Japanese/Pacific Islander medical dwarf with a mutant strain of tuberculosis MK. 3-02. I have an immaculately groomed neckbeard and I recently attained my goal weight of 400 lbs! I enjoy long walks along the beach, having my toe fungus scraped, and seeing how many small children can fit in a sack of gene-weevils. Tell me, are you currently involved or interested in being a dwarf’s gimp slave? I could really use a new table. My old one died from starvation and bloodloss.
Please reply to