Grymm Ramblings

Hey everybody. Sorry for the missed up update. In case you don’t follow the VW Facebook, the tip of my tablet stylus disappeared on me and I had to order a new one. Of course, as soon as that problem was fixed, the deep, negative degree freeze hit our area and borked our plumbing.

So today marks a week of not having water because the freeze pretty much put a nail into the coffin of an already dying collection of machines that we depend on for pumping the earth’s lifeblood into our skull covered dwelling.

Good news is, tomorrow some fine people will be coming out to fix everything up and hopefully all will be domestically well again. Bad news… it’s goddamn expensive to replace these vital machines. Probably going to sell off some more of the original linework hardcopies of VW pages to help mitigate the costs. Expect more about that next week.

In comic news. Jeez. I wish I could tell you about the awesome stuff that’s about to happen. I think it’ll make a lot of you very happy. So much wonder to come. So much weirdness. And honestly, the next page will pretty much be the beginning of the end for this storyarc.