Grymm Ramblings

We’re officially back. If you missed my sporadic attempts to explain before now, the end of last year and the first quarter of this one pretty much came as close as it could to destroying me.

My father ended up spending three months in and out of ER’s, ICU’s, and rehab centers only to unexpectedly pass away in March. Since then it’s been me making arrangements, battling with insurance agencies, getting accounts in order, and attempting to get life back on track. If it hadn’t been for the constant support of CreepKnight and others, I probably would’ve just packed up my tablet, leashed up the beagle, and walked away from everything.

Things are more or less stable now. For the most part.

The above comic is the first of three months of updates that are ready to go. So you’ll get your weekly Walrus injection of awesome uninterrupted for AT LEAST that long. If not longer since we’ll still be working on new pages in that time.

The Kill Your Heroes story is starting to wind down and between it and the arc planned afterwards, a lot of you long time readers are going to get a number of your long standing questions answered.

We’re looking forward to it, we hope you will too. See you next Friday.

We love you all.