Grymm Update:

Hi folks.

I’ve been putting this off for a while. Partly because I’ve been too tired, or busy, or just bleh. But I know not everyone checks the Voodoo Walrus Facebook page, so it’s time to put a proper update here.

Short version of everything:

Voodoo Walrus still isn’t dead. We’ll be back soon. There’s three pages being finished up currently and in the next few days, CK and I will be looking over our notes and tightening things for the next batch after that.

Also, if you want to get your hands on the original hand crafted pages of art made for so many VW pages check out this GoFundMe. Every $20 donation gets you a hardcopy VW art page of your choice. Just make sure if you donate, to email us at to let us know what pages you want and your mailing address.

Long sad version:

At the end of November I basically had to call 911 to get my father to the hospital. Turns out a sore on his leg was ready to go septic. From there things spiraled. He improved. Went to rehab. In rehab he caught pneumonia, MRSA, and the sepsis attempted a comeback tour. He stopped breathing. They rushed him back to the ER.

CK and I spent the early morning hours of Christmas Eve in the extra special waiting room in the back of the ER where four different people tried their best to tell me my father probably wouldn’t survive without actually saying it.

But he stabilized. And he started to bounce back. A couple more weeks in the hospital and it was back to rehab. Then back to the ER again for a week due to weird heart and blood pressure issues. Then back to rehab again.

Then once again the pneumonia made another play for him. Much worse than the previous bout. The sepsis tagged in too. His kidneys went “Fuck it.” and shut down.  It was a total KO. He wasn’t coming back. It was just too much. For a week I held out hope that he’d come back around. That he’d surface again. But what I got was a call saying that he was declining further and I needed to come to the ICU and discuss things.

It came down to the doctor saying that it would be a miracle for him to survive. And if he did. His quality of life would be shit. He’d never be able to come home. So. between, me, CK and my sister, we attempted to summon up as many friends and family we could to come and say their goodbyes.

The staff dosed him with morphine. They took out all the tubes and hoses and machinery. Within a few hours he was gone.

Since then I’ve been dealing with everything. Working 40+ hours a week. Making arrangements. Dealing with a life insurance company that wants to contest the claim and spin their wheels on helping me. Calls upon calls upon calls. Bills upon bills upon bills.

Thankfully I’ve hand some good moral support and helping hands from my support network. But I’m sure you can understand now why VW has been a bit empty these past few months.

But again, I’m dealing. Part of that is trying to clear some of the stuff out of this house. Furniture. Desks. Clothes. Things of his I just have no need or desire to keep. Attempting to pair down on my things as well. That said, if ever you wanted to get your hands on original Voodoo Walrus art, now’s a great time.

CreepKnight started a gofundme to help me a couple months back at the peak of everything starting to go wrong and it’s still active. Every donation of $20 gets you the original hardcopy art of a Voodoo Walrus page. If there’s specific pages you want, let us know and they’re yours if they’re still available. Just make sure after you donate, you email us at to let us know which pages you want and what your address is so we know where to send them.

We love you all. Check back soon for awesomness.