State of the Walrus (I.E.: What the hell happened?)

Hiiiiii folks. Grymm here. We’re back. Sorry about that unexpected absence. Life’s status quo kind of changed back in December and the Walrus ended up being a bit of a casualty.

Some of you may know some of this if you follow my personal Facebook or tumblr accounts, but the past year or so has been rather stressful for my family. My mother’s been fighting to good fight against beastly medical issue. She spent January through about April of 2013 in the hospital and the rest of the year recovery. Then she went back into the hospital at the beginning of this year for a scheduled surgery and ran into a couple complications that kept her there well into February.

Fact is, about mid-December, I picked up a part time “real job” to help bring into more money for my parents and especially to help cover some of financial issues surrounding Mom’s medical issues. And it was rough for the first couple of months. A lot more physical activity then my frail, out of shape artist body was use to. A lot of shifting around of the schedule that kept me constantly out of sorts.

Days I wasn’t working were more or less spent visiting the hospital. Once she came home, days off were spent helping in her recuperation, or simply resting up to de-hurtify myself before going back to work in a day or so.

So, the art creation suffered. First the Walrus, then the commissions, then I lost complete control over staying on top of my email. But now I’ve finally acclimated to the new way of things. More or less. A new Walrus page exists. The next is currently in production. And commission work is slowly being tackled again. Though I currently dread having to go through my main email inbox. There’s like thousands of emails lurking in there. Mostly automated things from gallery sites and such. But it still needs tending.

It’s been said before, but it’s worth repeating, the Walrus isn’t dead. We still have lots of story left to tell with these characters. And as long as we have the interest in telling those stories, and you all have the interest in reading them, they’ll keep happening.

Right now we’re going to ease back into things with Friday updates. Also going to see about working up some finalized versions of some neat new t-shirt designs we have lying around. Thanks for believing in us enough to stick around. And spread the word that Voodoo Walrus is back.