Grymm Ramblings

Not much to say as of late. The Hayride and commissions have been keeping me busy. But I did want to say a little bit about today’s page.

I actually had idea sketched out for Mirth’s resurrection laying around since before we ever had Mac slit her throat. Some things are in fact plotted out that far in advance. Sometimes even farther. The original idea is quite a bit different.

But in the end, it really came down to the original idea being too complicated and better suited for animation than comic art. It would’ve involved a lot more of her blood coalescing and shooting back into the neck wound and floaty hair, and some other stuff.

I could’ve seen it realized via panel to panel art, but it would’ve taken two or three pages to really do it justice and that just hurts story progression. Especially since we’re currently in the middle of the October scale back.

The other bit I want to mention is the fact that I opted not to do the usual shading and highlights on this page. Bit of an experiment. Dropping the shading means I nearly cut coloring time in half, which is something I’m very fond of since that means more time to devote to paid work. At the same time, I’m not sure I like it.

Perhaps I should simply scale back the shading and go light on it. It’s something to experiment on.

Anyway, come by Friday for the next part of the Halloween story and fetish gear.


Musings of a CreepKnight

No that is not the actual message I have on my voice mail.

But it’s pretty damn close.