That’s right folks. Even the weird out of no where filler is actually well disguised plot. How ’bout that?

Suffice to say, it’s been a tough week. On my side, things took a bit of a worse turn with the family medical stuff. It’s stabilized for now, but it’s still draining and nothing is for certain. CreepKnight’s also had some family medical concerns this week as well. So it seemed the best course of action to go ahead and continue on this tangent of content.

In addition, we have a couple of extra Voodoo Walrus related things for you to check out too.

First off, we mentioned a while ago how one very dedicated Walrus Embracer had started cobbling together a dedicated Voodoo Walrus wiki page. Well, they’re still going strong and the wiki is looking better and better and getting larger and more bloated with Walrus awesome every week!

It’s absolutely fascinating that he’s managing to track down all kinds of forgotten Walrus info from the long, long ago. Stuff from the original Tripod run. Bits and scribblings from the old ComicGenesis and DrunkDuck days. Even smatterings of info from back when we use to actively post notes about things to LiveJournal. I don’t even remember us ever posting anything but automated updates to LiveJournal. Craziness!

He’s working his butt off and we bloody well love him for it. So give the wiki a visit, and if you happen to be the type that enjoys wiki editing, lend him hand in filling in some info or making some edits. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a hand or five. After all, we do have a rather sizable archive at this point.

Secondly, remember the guest appearances of Diamanda  Hagan last year? Well, the Mistress herself obtained some prints*** of the comics she appeared in and deemed them worthy enough of showing off in a video. Definitely a squee-inducing moment here in Voodoo Walrus Castle.

For now, we’re going to mosey out into the dead of night and drown our week’s worth of collected troubles over hunting for creme filled, egg shaped Easter treats, and maybe some coffee. We just need to get out for a bit.

You folks be well. You are all loved.


**You don’t have to be a supervillain to obtain Voodoo Walrus prints yourself, you just need to send us an email and let us know which one’s you want! Simply send us an email at