For those that may need the reminders:

Cyradwee met is downfall at the end of the Meatnecks and Boomsticks storyarc.

However, contrary to what the  Voodoo Walrus crew believes, Cyradwee is still very much alive as seen here.

Grymm Ramblings

There’s very few internet reviewers that CreepKnight and I both enjoy. Diamanda Hagan is most definitely one of those few though. Whether it’s the special kind of energy and vibe she radiates, the attitude she projects, or the the shameless slaughter of all those in service to her, there’s just something about her that he truly enjoy. Thus, we just couldn’t help but pay tribute to her in the only way we know how, by transcribing her awesome in to comic form.

You can find Diamanda’s videos at her blog here. Our at her Blip archive here. They’re well worth the watch.

Thank you Diamanda. For being awesome, for keeping us amused and entertained, and for your permission in using your likeness for what we believe is a particularly lovely comic page!