Grymm Ramblings

Hmm. Looks like Mac’s not the only one to have murdered her up one of Cyradwee’s beloved Sandworms.

On an entirely different, I’d like to direct your attention to this article I drafted concerning an independent show of sin, filth, and evil that’s currently touring the US.

When you’re done reading my article, you should also totally browse around the rest of the Geek-Life site too. It’s the only other site on the web that dares to affiliate with us and it’s also run by our own ever glorious Marron! No. Seriously. It’s the only other website that will officially have anything to do with us. Pretty sure we scare everyone else.

And on the off chance you didn’t click either of those links, I’ll be direct: Check out “The Devil’s Carnival” if it comes to a location near you. It’s the spiritual sequel of “Repo the Genetic Opera” and created the the same team.

Now excuse me while I retreat back to the art dungeon and promptly lose all track of time and date.



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