Hiya folks. Grymm here. As we previously stated last week, we’ve scaled comic updates back to just once a week for a little while so I can get my life back under control, shove a gimp mask back over its face, and strap it down as securely as possible.

So while there’s not a comic to show you today, I wanted to last write a little something up as a treat to your eyeballs. There’s actually been quite a bit I’ve wanted to say this year, but I could never find the time or the words to say it. Now’s a good time though.

Oh god. I suddenly realized that I’ve completely forgotten what it was I really wanted to write about. It basically boiled down to Voodoo Walrus… Good. But there was more to it than that.

Basically I remember starting 2013 out with a really great feeling about the Walrus as far as audience went. A major part of that has been the on going work on the Walrus Wiki page. Every few days I take a look at it and see more a little more added to it. All because one Embracer just loves the Walrus that much.

The thing that really hits home is a lot of attention to detail in the write ups for the pages. It’s amazing to see evidence that people are paying attention to so many little things we’ve shoved into the backgrounds in the pages. More amazing to be reminded of things we’ve long forgotten about our own comic.

I’ve also been doing some digging through the recent archives from that past year and a half. That’s been an eye opening experience as well just from an art stand point. As in, it’s amazing just how terrible my 2011 art is. Astonishing even.

Oh! Now I remember the other thing that was so amazing! So remember how Diamanda Hagan cameo’d in a few pages last year? Well, not only did she want some prints of her pages, but she then proceeded to show them off on here show! So it’s kind of like Voodoo Walrus cameo’d on Hagan’s show. Non-canon of course. Then as a surprise bonus, that episode wound up going up on the That Guy With The Glasses site.So that was only a wee tiny bit squee worthy right there. Just a bit.

We also got what I think is our first shout out from a fellow webcomic not too long ago! So I’m returning the favor and mentioning Rasputin Catamite to all you Walrus Embracers! Hell, that name alone is enough to pique my interest and it’s currently on my “internet things I must sit down and look at when I have down time or I am eating or I am sick and not able to be productive”.

So despite everything that’s been happening these past few months, it still makes me damn happy to know there’s so much enjoyment being had where the Walrus is concerned. Which makes it that much more disappointing to have to scale back updates when what I really wish we could do is extend to a three day a week schedule to get the bigger story to you guys that much quicker. Or five days a week at that. But I think we still need a bit of a bigger audience and maybe a something like Kickstarter push or donation drive before that can be a reality.

So for now, I’m going to mosey off and get some of this work done. The quick I play catch up, the faster we can get back to normal updates!

Thank you everyone, you’re all brilliant and glorious.